7 Street South - Alternative to 6 Street S

Throughout the Cycling Corridor Functional Planning Study process, we have been seeking input and feedback on the five study corridors and their associated concept options. Through our online survey, in-person meetings with stakeholders and the community engagement events, we have received the following general feedback about the 6 Street South corridor:

  • The preservation of Festival Square is critical to the vibrancy of 6 Street South;
  • Vehicle parking on 6 Street South is important for business access;
  • Preservation of existing trees along 6 Street South is important;
  • 6 Street South is well-liked and well-used as-is; and,
  • 7 Street South should instead be used to provide access to Park Place Mall, Galt Gardens, CASA, etc.

In consideration of this feedback, we did not find that it would be viable to provide an All Ages and Abilities bicycle facility along 6 Street South between 3 Avenue South and 4 Avenue South. To respond to this, we are considering replacing the 6 Street South study corridor with an alternate cycling corridor along 7 Street South (between 1 Avenue South and 7 Avenue South). The 7 Street South corridor would connect along 1 Avenue South to the Stafford Drive South study corridor.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded. Please see the results in the document library.