Snow Route Parking

    What is the purpose of on-street parking restrictions when Snow Routes are active?

    When parked vehicles impede the operations of snow plowing and removal, it creates inefficiencies including longer times to clear individual roads, less roads able to be cleared with existing equipment, and ultimately additional cost to snow control efforts in Lethbridge. Awareness campaigns, clear information, and notifications are all tools to help the community take action and avoid parking tickets.

    How will I know if I’m parked on a snow route?

    Snow routes will be marked with an additional blue snowflake tab attached above the existing snow route parking signs – please confirm snow routes status before parking near these signs in winter.

    When are on-street parking restrictions in effect?

    Winter weather fluctuates greatly in our region and snow routes can become active any time during the season. Snow routes are activated and on-street parking restrictions go into effect whenever snow creates unsafe driving conditions, as determined by City Transportation Operations.

    When do I have to move my vehicle?

    Enforcement will begin 24hrs after snow routes are declared active because plows will start to work in the areas shortly after. Residents are encouraged to be proactive and remove their vehicles from the street as soon as snow routes are activated. Once on-street parking restrictions are in effect, all vehicles on affected roadways must be moved off the street until the City announces that snow routes are lifted, and parking can resume.

    When can I move my vehicle back to on-street parking?

    Once on-street parking restrictions are in effect, all vehicles on affected roadways must be moved off the street until the City announces that Snow Routes are lifted, and parking can resume. Snow plows often return to the same locations multiple times to ensure the snow is cleared as thoroughly as possible. If you are unsure if you can resume on-street parking, check City announcements on social media or in the News Centre, sign up for notifications with the Lethbridge Loop app (for Phase 1 addresses) or call 311 to confirm status.

    Do temporary parking restrictions & plowing apply around schools, hospitals or downtown?

    School areas (not necessarily school zones), around the hospital and downtown will not be plowed to the right because of safety concerns. Parking restrictions will not be in effect for these areas - look for the blue snowflake on snow route signs to indicate where parking restrictions do apply. These areas will remain their designated priority snow removal as deemed necessary.

    I received a Courtesy Reminder on my vehicle. What does that mean?

    This means that your vehicle was parked on an active snow route. The City of Lethbridge would like to provide a period of adjustment for those who live and park on Snow Routes. This is not a ticket, but it is a reminder to stay up to date snow route notifications to avoid tickets in the future.

    I got a Parking Ticket on an active snow soute. What action do I need to take?

General Snow and Ice

    What is the intent of the Snow and Ice Control program in Lethbridge?

    In Lethbridge, the intent of the Snow and Ice Control program is to:

    • Reduce the hazards of winter conditions for motorists and pedestrians;
    • Minimize economic loss to the community; and 
    • Facilitate the operation of Transit and Emergency Service vehicles. 
    • Additionally, it aims to create acceptable winter driving conditions for vehicles that are properly equipped for winter driving and are operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving habits.

    Where’s the best place to pile snow from my driveway/sidewalks?

    On your property, away from your house and the road. Pay attention to placement of shoveled snow piles: 

    • Will wind blow the pile back on your driveway, the road or your neighbors? 
    • Is it so close to the road that it will create a safety hazard or get pushed back on your property with the next plowing? 
    • When it melts, is it far enough away from your house to protect your foundation from seepage?  
    • Do not blow or shovel snow from driveways and sidewalks onto the road or you may be subject to fines. 

    How can I be a great neighbor in the winter season?

    Here are some things you can do: 

    • Pile any snow from your sidewalk or driveway in a spot that is away from other structures, won't blow onto your neighbor's property, and is not causing further snow build-up on the street.
    • Don't park or leave any vehicle on the street on an active snow route. Be proactive and make a parking plan. 
    • Be a snow angel and shovel for a neighbor who can't (or just because). 

    I have more questions - who do I contact?

    Please call or chat online with 311 customer service specialists. 

    Please note: The feedback form on this page is only intended to collect information from citizens. 

Service Level Changes

    What changes are happening to the Snow and Ice Control program?

    In response to public feedback and City Council approval*, the City is adjusting snow clearing practices. Changes include:

    • Starting in winter of 2022/23, Phase 1 declaration of snow routes and implementation of plowing to the right on approximately 25 km of selected roadways
    • Starting in winter of 2023/24 and continuing into winter of 2024/25, begin Phase 2

    *Please see the background planning documents and links on this page to review the related public engagement process, results, presentations and City Council proceedings.

    How soon will snow routes be cleared after activation?

    They will be cleared after Priority 1 at the same time as priority 2 routes.

    Snow routes were activated but the roads weren’t plowed – why not?

    The City’s Transportation department will assess weather forecasts and snow accumulation to decide if snow routes should be activated. The weather can change quickly in our region, and less snow may fall than predicted. When this happens, plows may not come to the area and an announcement will be made that snow routes are no longer active.

    Phase 2 Snow and Ice Service Level Changes (Winter 2023/24)

    In the winter of 2023/24 and 2024/25, Phase 2 incorporate the feedback and operational considerations gathered to deliver a service level change affecting a broader network of streets and roads in the city. The larger network of snow routes (approx. 83 kms of roadway) includes some existing snow routes and the addition of new residential collector roads. This season, snow routes will be activated citywide in the case of heavy snow events and more residential areas will be plowed. In addition to building community awareness and notification tools, the City will also support compliance with temporary on-street parking restrictions with parking enforcement.

    How have we informed the public about the changes?

    • Direct delivery postcard or letter to all properties adjacent to the snow routes
    • News release and City of Lethbridge social media channels
    • Notifications to declare snow route status 
    • Snow routes will be marked with an additional blue snowflake tab attached to the existing snow route parking signs – we ask the community to be aware of these signs during the winter and look for snow route notifications before parking near them during winter